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  • Introduction

The SU6100T is a Serial Number Recognition solution kits for CNY cash notes. This solution can scan both front side and back side of each CNY cash note as full size image picture which is dispensed from or deposited into the cash handling product. And then all the images will automatically send to the PC by USB 2.0 with high speed mode. All the ASIIC serial numbers of the cash notes will be saved into the database as soon as they have recognized by OCR engine. 


  • Best features of this SNR solution Kits is as following:

1)     Full Size Image is Supported. Not only Serial number’s small image but also full size of note image will be sent to the application while Single reject function is reserved;

2)     Recognize the Numbers with ANY Position. Without any cost of adjustment or update with hardware and firmware, only software update is enough while new type of note or check is ready;

3)     Easy to Identify the Copy Note. Infrared Images will be easy integrated into current solution while the copy note is coming;

4)     Flexible Recognition with Skew Notes. The notes are always askew while they are transported by belts in the cash handling product. A max. Skew note angle of 15° in the transport path is OK.

5)     Mixed Notes of all type ofCNY50 and CNY100 Notes are supported. Without any additional hardware design, the digital serial numbers of mixed notes could be recognized automatically. That means not only the denomination/currency but also the serial number will be recognized at one time.

6)     Environment Protection Design. Without any external LED light or lamp is good for customization design and easy for maintains.


  • Environmentally friendly product design and development

This product has been designed according to our corporate standard 'Environmentally friendly product design and development'. This means that crucial criteria such as long life, choice of material and its labeling, emissions, packaging, ease of disassembly and recyclability have been taken into account. This saves resources and relieves the strain on the environment.

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