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  • CU8300

    1.After the CU8300 digital audio module is installed in the self-service terminal, you can take the microphone directly through the video communication software system to connect with customer service line.

    2.The cardholder will be directed by on-screen instructions to outline the problems to the customer service during the transaction process. The service centers will then intuitively get feedback about operational problems encountered in the process, and they will provide corresponding guidance.

    3.After the installation of CU8300 digital audio module, all the original multi-media functions of the self-service terminal like the advertising video will still be supported.

    4.CU8300 digital audio module is compact in structure, with concise appearance. It can be installed seamlessly in a variety of mainstream self-service terminal products.

    5.The CU8300 digital audio module also uses an industrial-level microphone and professional digital audio algorithms, as well as BTL's other patented technologies to ensure its high reliability.


  • CM2201W

    1.High security—the CM2201W can be used to fast read the alive fingerprint with high identification rate identity.

    2.Strong scalability—simple to upgrade with 1D/2D barcode reader as optional.

    3.Easy to operate, simple and fast—press your finger while Red LED is on. Just take away after Green LED is coming.

    4.Plug and play—no maintenance, plug and play, support hot swappable. Adopt USB interface to connect with PC and it can directly get power from the terminal.

    5.Compact size, beautiful appearance—the module design lines are smooth, with harmonious radian and exquisite appearance.


  • CM2300

    • The CM2300 Mini Card Recycling Module can be used to safe keep the card automatically. when the card is being retained by the automated banking terminals, the CM2300can hold at least 5 ATM cards.

    • To retrieve the card, the cardholder need to key in necessary information which required by bank, such as account number, transaction number, identification number or PIN number.

    • Installation of the CM2300 will not affect the full function of the ATM's card reader in any manner.

    • The CM2300 can be installed in all the main vendor's ATM machines available in the market today, like NCR, DieBold, Hitachi, HyoSung and GRGBanking.

    • The CM2300 module can be trusted and is highly reliable, and its installation in ATM machines will not affect the normal operations.


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