• Hot Sale

    We  provide the details of our new products and now they have went into the market.  With the advanced technology and more humanized  considerations, the products now are in hot sale, which are popular with customers!

    Hot Sale

  • Kiosk

    The product  can often used to complete the file filling, which can improve the recognition rate on file and provide convenient conditions for future queries. It can make full use of waiting time, provide the security and convenience for both customers and bank.


  • Modules

    We have developed many hardware modules which are convenient to be used in other machines during the structural design and product development. Here, we provide information about the real and practical modules that you may be interested in.


  • SNR

    Some products contain many parts, and all of these modules would coordinate to complete the functions. Serial number recognition kits are frequently used in the self-service terminals in bank. With the development of financial market, cash security and recognition is going to be the hot topic in the world. 


  • Software

    These software products can be used in various areas such as the financial institutions and government institutions. We develop these products using advanced technology available with thoughtful considerations.


  • ATM

    We are try to design the different styles of ATM. According to the requirements from our customers, we would customize personalized products for different customers, which would be conveniently applied in corresponding places.


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