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Bank of Communications, launches full-time self-service ATM retained card retrieve solutions

2014-02-17/ Latest News

To solve the trouble that customers carelessly make their cards retained, Bank of Communications(hereinafter referred to as “BCM”) provides the service of keying in password within 90 seconds to retrieve card in 2013. Recently, BCM has successfully launched full-time self-service ATM retained card retrieve solutions, which can further enhance the customer experience and enjoy high-quality financial services.

On account of hardware transformation of machinery and equipment, these innovation services above will soon realize on-line promotion across the China. The first test location will choose in crowed area, such as airports, railway stations, hospitals, etc, where card retaining happens frequently. 

According to the person who in charge of the project of BCM, if customers’ cards are retained carelessly in traditional self- service ATM, cardholders can only take valid certificates to appointed branch to get back cards. If it is inter-bank card, the procedure would be even more complex. Once the time is over the stipulated deadline of bank, customers can only report the loss of the bank and apply for a new one.   

The service first launched by BCM of retrieving the card within 90 seconds, can greatly relieve the embarrassment of retaining card for carelessness. However, there is still part of customers forgets to get back their cards in ATM after it is retained. Many days would have passed when they remembered of that, then it would be quite inconvenient to retrieve card.   

To solve this problem in a better way, recently BCM launched the solution of full-time self-service ATM retained card retrieve solutions--------you can directly retrieve card or self-service retrieve card in a later time. When card is retained accidently, customers can retrieve card within 90 seconds with password directly. However, more than 90 seconds or forget to retrieve card, through technology development and hardware installation, cards will be preserved in an area temporarily.
       Customers can back to ATM at any time, then according to the reminding to retrieve their cards by keying in card number (last 4 numbers) and password. To the customers who have booked bank Message service, they can receive the message of retained card from BCM, according to the prompting to retrieve the retained card in time.

The person of BCM electronic banking development reveals that, from customers passively remember their retained cards to bank take the initiative to notice customers; the new service can promote the customers knowing their cards was retained in the shortest time. Through the new service of self-service retrieving card, customers can directly get their card from ATM. It is reported that non-BCM cards can also be retrieved from ATM of BCM.

         Procedure:  how to self-service retrieve card from ATM of BCM?
        1. After customer’s card is retained over 90 seconds, system will send the relevant message to customer’s telephone that has been registered in the bank.
         2. Customer goes to corresponding ATM, key in the number "3", according to the prompting enter into the page of "card retrieve" , then retrieve the bank card from ATM.

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