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China Everbright Bank , firstly launches the service of "self-service retrieve retained card"

2014-01-27/ Latest News

At the beginning of 2014, the service of ATM “self-service card retrieve”, was firstly launched by China Everbright Bank (hereinafter referred to as“CEB”), reformed the ATM self-service procedure basically, and brought much convenience for customers.

The person who is in charge of the project of CEB expressed that this service has been tested in some districts of Beijing and planned to popularize the service at all ATMs of CEB in china one after another since February 2014.

There are more than 400 thousand ATMs in china and about 25 thousand cards are left in ATM for different reasons every day, To the cardholders, the process of getting back their cards is complex and also exist the risk of losing money. It's quite important for both customers and bank to solve this problem properly.

Procedure reengineering, real-time and self-service to retrieve retained cards
When card is retained by ATM, to retrieve their cards, customer always needs to contact the bank and look forward to the notice. Then customers should bring their ID card to specified bank branch to get back their card after one to seven working days.

From the feedbacks of customers, after cards retained by ATM, customers from the following place are anxious most, airport, railway station, hospital, etc. However, the ATMs in such places are mostly far away from bank, which will be difficult to retrieve the cards immediately, leading to the delay of journey and other important things.

Nowadays, once you find your card retained by the ATM of CEB, no matter the card is belonged to the CEB or not, it will be easy to retrieve your card. Customers only need to choose the function of retrieving the retained card on machine, and then key in your card number or the verification code of slip, through the verification of deal code, the retained card could be got back, which is simple and easy.

“Our bank has more than 6500 ATMs all over the country and hundreds of customers' cards could be retained everyday due to many kinds of reasons. ATM terminal, as the electronic channel which is the highest and most widely used with great frequency, convenient service and widely deployment, its interaction and experience with customers are extremely important.”The person who is responsible for this project said.

The personalized service to retrieve card above has broken the traditional service modes, which meets the customers' personalized demands. Customers don’t need to get retained cards back according to the procedures of bank passively any more, therefore get the initiative. Even though the transfers of right seem to be simple, the customer-centric concept is really achieving its way, continuing business innovation and improving customers' experience.

Channel Coordination and Telephone Appointment to Self-service Card Retrieve
The customers who find card retained after a long time can also be at ease, they can call the customer hotline to Bank to apply for the time to retrieve their cards. The CEB will meet the customers' requirements to keep cards until customers retrieve their cards.

 In fact, the CEB is always exploring and innovating in the problem of improving ATM self-service experience and solving customers' retained cards.Through ATM self-service channel and coordination of telephone banking number,after the function of card output first then cash output launched by CEB in 2012, now it also provides the service of initiative calling to retained cards’ customers. That means at the time customers' cards were retained, CEB will call actively to connect the customers, telling the customers related issues.

The promoting of new procedure is always win-win. Reengineering the procedure of retrieving the retained cards bring convenience for customers but also help bank reduce the machine clean times, ultimately reduce bank service cost.


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