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3 reasons why video teller devices need their own strategy

2013-12-12/ Latest News

Some successful branch transformation initiatives have demonstrated that "teller-controlled" video teller devices can eliminate many branch inefficiencies. These programs have shown that in order to significantly alter the long-term cost of branch networks, FIs need to focus on the reduction of laborious processes and expensive transactions.

In the past, reducing branch costs was often equated with a negative impact on the consumer experience. But today, "bleeding edge" branch transformation enthusiasts have proven the opposite with solutions that redirect teller focus from counting cash to concentrating on the consumer.

But when this approach involves the implementation of video teller devices at the branch, it's important to develop a strategy that considers the unique capabilities of the machine in order to create the best possible consumer experience. Here are three things to keep in mind as you develop that strategy:

1. Lessons learned from gas station transformation

Remember when gas stations were full-service only? Gas station transformation was a huge success mainly because gas-pump technology, in conjunction with pay-at-the-pump convenience, evolved in a way that initially gave consumers a choice between full- and self-service. Customers weren't forced to go it alone until the marketplace adapted, at which time gas station attendants became essentially obsolete.

Early adopters learned that if they had a problem, they could speak to the attendant by intercom at the pump, or ask the clerk inside to assist them. Creating separate self- and full-service lanes allowed gas stations to accommodate both types of consumers.


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