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Who cares about branch transformation?

2013-11-13/ Latest News



Thinner margins, loan losses, economic pressures, expensive regulation and stiff competition have created the need for banks to conduct an in-depth analysis of their brands and how they can remain relevant in today's challenging marketplace.

Financial institutions have struggled to improve their bottom lines, and have been forced to re-evaluate how they do business. They understand that cost-cutting measures must be balanced with revenue, or eventually it will lead to increased customer attrition.

FIs are realizing that if they want to survive, they must create a long-term strategy that is not centered on "evolving over time," but rather is focused on radically transforming the way they perform in the near term.

The data is clear that change is inevitable; demographics are growing more demanding, financial markets will be difficult for the foreseeable future, and savvy competitors are using technology solutions to attract the best consumers.

For most, branch transformation is the end goal. However, a specific list of objectives within this strategy must be adopted in order to achieve it this goal.

Key branch transformation goals

Reduce costs: FIs desperately want to reduce costs by eliminating inefficiencies and by leveraging centralization and innovative solutions.

Expand consumer base: Both non-traditional as well as, traditional banking sources are fighting for the same consumers. The challenges of attracting Millennials while catering to the older generations has become a delicate balance.

Migrate expensive transactions: FIs need to find ways to move the traditional teller transactions (1:1 teller-consumer ratio) to a more cost effective channel without creating customer churn.

Expand markets: With tighter capital budgets, FIs need to use solutions that allow for branch expansion without the hefty price tag of the large brick-and-mortar footprint.

Increase revenue: With all banking leadership, finding ways to increase product sales and revenue growth is top-of-mind. Central in many branch transformation strategies are intensified revenue initiatives. 


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