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BTL Solution is a  company set up with the sole objective of bringing world-class standards, as well as a one-stop solution in terms of ATM and Kiosk designing, manufacturing and services usually accessible to large MNC's, within the reach of any enterprise regardless of size.

The company headquarters is in Singapore and the factory is situated at Hangzhou, China. We also have our office in china. Our mission is to democratize top quality products and services and to contribute to the improvement of bottom line productivity and growth potential for our customers. The company is established by a team of visionary entrepreneurs and experienced professionals who have spent decades in an MNC environment implementing large-scale projects. Our flexible and people-centric approach allows us to bring to the market a truly cost-effective yet highly reliable products and services.

We are delighted to be part of our clients’ growth and success in their business due to our unwavering commitment and support. BTL Solution is primarily focused on the following areas of business:

Remote video banking total solution. In view of the current existing problems in banking institutions, we provide the RTM total solution. This solution adopts advanced video technology, and it is combined with a set of terminal equipments including fingerprint identification, encryption, electronic signature, barcode recognition, etc.   We prepare two kinds of RTM, specifically for ordinary customers and VIP customers. We also provide 24/7 professional service for you and the machines are easy deployed.

ATM overall solution design. With many years in the financial self-service terminal domain of research experience and accumulated technology expertise, we have many opportunities to cooperate with domestic and foreign ATM vendors to provide them with ATM security, hardware, aesthetic appearance, structure and other aspects of customer design, technical consulting and industrial consultancy services, particularly hardware encryption password keyboard, contact and non-contact IC card reader, as well as other electronic payment key modules and large-diameter logs printers, lottery ticket module mechanical products.  These are provided based on CEN / XFS standard XFS SP-driven development, cross-vendor software platform based on the ISO8583 and NDC application development services.

Financial self-service equipment and special modules commerce output. The output terminal of advanced financial self-critical technology solutions at the same time, we also join the Chinese self-service terminals and systems solutions for outstanding enterprises. BTL Solution also specializes in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa and other countries with growth potential to provide bank customers with office automation equipment solutions, financial self-service terminals, embedded modules, electronic payment gateway and other hardware and software products.

As our mission "Let the electronic payment safer and more convenient" suggests, BTL Solution is constantly on the lookout for honesty, openness, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, and self-initiated bank customers to provide professional electronic equipment manufacturers to pay key technologies and solutions.




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200 Upper Thomson Road #04-12
Singapore 574424

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Mobile: +65 9660 5972

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